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Magic Korean Powder 11/18/2021

Gochugaru = Magic Korean Powder

Unlike the outrageously powerful (and delicious) kick of Latin peppers, gochugaru steeps into your palette, slowly building until you realize there’s a trendy party in your mouth – neither overstated nor understated. Of course, I add it to Korean dishes, but it enhances other cuisines, too: spaghetti sauce, dry rubs, BBQ sauce, hamburgers, sautéed veggies, chili, lasagna, etc.

It's a cross-cultural spice.

I like to think Korean Adoptees are cross-cultural, too. We appear to be unique, but blend nicely by adding our own colorful arcs.

Several people have asked me for the Kimchi recipe from my 10/27/2021 Kimjang post. Here it is!

Brine overnight in plastic tub/storage container (stir a few times throughout brining process:

5 Napa Cabbages (sliced into 5-inch strips)

12 Cups (5 lbs.) Coarse Sea Salt

70 Cups Cold or Lukewarm Water

Next day:

Rinse 3 times

Drain 1 hour

Chop the following ingredients and mix with cabbage:

5 Carrots

5 Apples

5 Green Onions

2 Daikon Radishes

5 Entire Bulbs (not cloves) of Garlic

Add the following (tricky because I don’t have exact amounts – was told to add “to taste”):

· Sugar

· Salt

· Fish Sauce – be generous

· Flour & Water Slurry (heat on stove until it becomes the consistency of Elmer’s glue) – add about 2 cups – or omit if you want a gluten free option

· Gochugaru (a.k.a. Magic Korean Powder) – add tons: enough to turn kimchi juice reddish/orange

Fill 2-3 Gallon Jars with Kimchi

Leave on countertop for 1 to 2 days to ferment

Refrigerate after the fermentation process



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