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Tossing Tchotchkes 08/20/2021

Tossing tchotchkes is the task. Strengthening relationships is the new focus. We have the first world luxury of downsizing as our daughters are now proficiently adulting. That familiar sense of longing for community I developed as an adoptee (and Army brat) has been reignited.

My best friend from high school recently moved from the United States to Barcelona with her husband after selling most of their belongings. She told me that “less is certainly more” and it is freeing. I will have to channel her zeal as we prepare for a mega garage sale in which we will rid ourselves of clutter amassed in our large suburban home.

As we test the waters of condo living, I can’t help but think that fewer physical reminders of the past will free me up to swim into the next chapter – as I write my second adoption book. In this moment, I am aware of how shallow this seems – as the trivial thoughts come in waves, slapping my ankles. But I think that to better serve the adoption community, I need to change up, clear up, clean out, and declutter my surroundings (both metaphorically and literally).

Last year, many interviewees came into my life to help me create Through the Lens of Ourselves. The blessings from those relationships lasted far longer than any sales rack could ever bring. I am looking forward to meeting new interviewees and making new friends as our life chapters unfold.



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