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In search of adoptees and adoptive parents 04/09/2020

Hi friends! As a recently retired Accounting Manager turned hopeful book author, I am in search of ADOPTEES and ADOPTIVE PARENTS who are willing to share their stories with me. I have been contemplating writing a book about adoption for about 10 years. Now that I am retired, I have stepped out of the incubating phase into the cooking phase. My goal is to create a resource that will help adoptees and adoptive parents understand that there are similarities in the uniqueness of our situations.

The tragic component of adoption is that some adoptees suffer so immeasurably that it leads them to suicide. According to a UMN study, adoptees are 4 times more likely to commit suicide than non-adoptees. My friend's cousin recently committed suicide after connecting with his biological family. When I looked at his picture on the funeral home website, his sweet face belied what was happening internally. After seeing his image, I knew I needed to speed up the progress on my book. As an adoptee myself, I understand that discussing adoption can be difficult. However, if you are willing to entrust me with details of your adoption journey, I would be honored and will handle your story with care. Please message me so we can set up a video chat. My goal is to include a minimum of 50 adoption stories.



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