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I didn't know what I didn't know 06/27/2020

64,116 words. 25 interviewees. I have learned that “I didn’t know what I didn’t know.” In addition to searching for adoptees and adoptive parents (please see my 4/9/20 post), my search has been expanded to include BIRTH PARENTS and SIBLINGS OF ADOPTEES who are also willing to share their stories and feelings about adoption with me. All opinions are welcome and will be embraced. So far, the emotions have included intricate combinations of joy, sadness, anger, resentment, and gratefulness, as each interviewee has shared the uniqueness of their stories.

An undeniable reality has hacked into my myopic brain: adoption is NOT only about the adoptees and their adoptive parents. The adoptees’ roots are intricately woven together with their siblings and birth parents. To exclude those stories would be to callously slice off their heritage. My shortsightedness came from my lifelong efforts to deny my own genealogy. I am grateful that my focus has been adjusted, and would love to hear your perspectives as well. If you are interested, please message me so we can set up a video chat.



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