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Genetic Anarchy 10/13/2021

Today is my favorite niece’s birthday. She is movie star beautiful, sensitive, and artistic... but my favorite quality is her sense of humor enhanced by a potty mouth that would embarrass a soldier. She makes me howl and cry from laughing. I’ve watched her grow from a chatty child with a grin that covered 90% the lower half of her face – into a young woman who would literally stop traffic by walking down the street – into a fairytale bride who married Patrick Swayze’s doppelganger – into a nurturing mother of three boys.

We are not biologically related. Yet, we have a connection that ignores the conventional rules of science.

Genetic Anarchy.

As an adoptee, I sometimes go down the energy depleting rabbit hole of wishing I had a biological connection. But I only have to think about my niece and KNOW that she is family. When I am with her, I am home.



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